Demand Deposits

Unlimited flexibility with transfers to and from your MWC account offering a competitive interest rate.

Why save your money with Maier Woodes Capital

Choose Flexibility

Whether you want instant transfers, access to your money or to choose the term of your term deposit, we’ve got an account to suit you.

Minimum Balance

When selecting either a demand deposit or savings account, there is only a nominal opening balance needed of $1,000.


Select the currency which works for you, and MWC offers five different multicurrency bank accounts in: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP & CHF.

Maier Woodes Capital Bank - Rates & Fees

Our Rates

$9,999 and Below


$9,999 and Above


$50,000 and Over


Maier Woodes Capital Bank - Fees

Fees In USD

Application Fee




Monthly Service Fee


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