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We are a purpose-led business offering innovative private client, corporate and fund administration services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Maier Woodes Capital Bank - An Overview Of Our History...

When it was founded in 1997, Maier Woodes Capital™ was based in one of the main business financial centers: City of London.

Within 20 years of experience in the offshore banking sector, Maier Woodes Capital™ has developed and its locations have varied. Indeed, if the headquarters and the management are still abroad, the VIP services section “Wealth management” is located in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Maier Woodes Capital™ is the ideal operator for opening your offshore banking account. Our company has many partners, which allows it to interact with internationally recognized banking groups and offer you a complete range of banking optimisation services abroad.

If you live and work abroad, you need a comprehensive banking and investment offering, supported by digital banking solutions. We specialise in bridging the gap between home and international markets by offering services in major international currencies.

Our highly skilled financial professionals can assist you to leverage the benefits of offshore banking, enabling you to seek out new opportunities.

Today, its teams, composed of qualified experts in offshore banking, are based around the world. The members of Maier Woodes Capital ™ are bilingual French-English and English-Russian, which guarantees an exceptional quality of listening and service.


Our purpose enables us to go further


A people-first business, putting people at the centre of everything we do. We understand how important it is to foster a supportive culture in which our colleagues can thrive. 


A unique and meaningful purpose-led business, with sustainability at its core; a leader in promoting positive social and environmental outcomes globally.


We are a business that delivers sustainable levels of excellence to create value for our clients, our employees, our shareholders, and for the communities in which we exist.

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